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Based at Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales – LeadFab, Fires and Flues has been involved in the leadfabrication for over 30 years.

The name LeadFab Fires and Flues has evolved from my association with the heating, plumbing and building trades since 1963, when I started my heating and plumbing business – writes Brian Clifford (Proprietor).
This was a thriving business for 20 years, installing for the then National Coal Board, British Gas, Local Authorities, general builders and the general public.

In 1982 the first slump in the building trade occurred, when all council house building stopped and a general decline in private house building started, due to high interest rates on mortgages and bank loans.

All contracts for council house sites were cancelled and we had to lay off many of our installers. Now faced with the situation of competing for whatever work was around, I had the idea of fabricating lead products for the building and associated trades, we always had to make our own lead work products on sites because there were none available from builders or roofing merchants.

This project took off slowly in the first year but escalated rapidly, so we had to acquire larger premises to accommodate the machinery and tools to become one of the most efficient and possibly one of the largest lead fabricators in the UK.

We have a small team of fabricators whose main aim is to supply first class products and service at very competitive rates. I know we are second to none in this specialised field and our list of companies we supply can verify this.

We supply and have supplied:
British Lead Mills, Redrow Homes, Lovell Partnerships, Persimmon, Westbury Homes, Bryant Homes and most local builders, roofers and many UK flue specialists.
Our products are distributed throughout the UK and are used by many more prestigious companies too numerous to mention.

Our reputation is known nationwide for our quality and service.

We are also suppliers of all types of flue materials, we supply roofers, plumbers, builders and the general public.

Our quality and service under the name of Leadfab, Fires and Flues cannot be beaten.

Tel: 01685 721124
Email: info@leadfabricators.com

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