Lead Fabrication

We offer a comprehensive service for any type of fabricated lead product.

Lead Slates
• Available in all sizes
• Designed to fit all pitches of roof
• Quantities available boxed or loose

Lead Pipe Flashing
Available in all sizes from 2” to 10” in stock, other sizes from 11” upwards are classed as specials with a 48 hour completion time. Made to suit all roof pitches and from code 4 lead minimum. Code 3 is not suitable for these items.

Lead Fabrication

Lead Flashing Chimney Kits
One of our speciality services is to supply full chimney kits for new build and urban regeneration schemes whereby whole streets have new roofs and new chimneys.
The kit comprises of the chimney tray or trays varying from 1 flue to 10 flues or more. Front aprons or back gutters as appropriate. Cover flashings, soakers, saddles etc.
We offer excellent service, quality and price.

Leadfabrication Products

Special Fabricated Items
As can be seen from our examples of miscellaneous special items we can produce many unusual items in our workshop.  Many items can be pre-fabricated for fitting on site or to cut down on labour costs for site work  (we do not fit on site).

Tools and Machinery
We are fully equipped with all the machines, cutters both powered and manual etc, to cope with most fabrication requirements.  The tooling enables us to produce high quality products in large numbers by our highly skilled operatives.

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Email: info@leadfabricators.com