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Weep Vents

Weephole Vents are used in all forms of construction. they are used to solve the problem of weephole drainage with the following features:

•    They ensure that perpend remains unblocked to provide effective drainage.
•    Prevents face staining by filtering cementations washdown whilst draining cavity.
•    Prevents the ingress of insects and driving rain.
•    Masks unsightly open perpends with filter colour matched to surrounding mortar.
•    Allows ventilation of cavity.
•    Filter element can be withdrawn and replaced.
•    Suits soldier and stretcher coursing in brick, block or stone.

Please contact us for prices:
As a guideline boxes of 200 are £40.00 (i.e. 20p each)
Quantities of 1000 and over are £100.00 (i.e. 10p each)
N.B. All prices are exclusive of VAT and postage

Weep Vents

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